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    Applicant Testing

    Thank you for contacting WahlTek Professional Services, Inc.(WPSI) regarding an opportunity for employment.

    This online test is made up of 4 sections of testing. Each section is timed.

    At the completion of each test section, you will be given the opportunity to "Save without submitting" or "Submit all and finish". Once you finish, you cannot return to that test section.

    During each test, a countdown timer will run on the left side of the screen. Once you see the countdown timer begin turning RED at 15 seconds, click on the "Submit all and Finish" button to confirm that your work is saved. When the test time limit has expired, you will be automatically exited from the test. Note that it is best to finish each section one at a time within the time limit.

    Section 1: Multiple choice questions related to similar word usage, punctuation, grammar, basic rules related to possessives and plurals.
    (28 questions / 30 minutes)

    Section 2: Matching questions related to Suffixes and Prefixes as well as Root Words related to medical transcription.
    (82 questions / 60 minutes)

    Section 3: Fill in the blank Medical Abbreviations.
    (50 questions / 30 minutes)

    Section 4: Transcribing Medical Dictation.
    There are 6 audio files / 60 minutes

    The overall time limit for taking all of the four tests is limited to 4 hours.

    If you need special assistance, please send an email to HR-WPSI@Wahltek.com and we will get back to you ASAP.

    Brenda Larson, Supervising Manager

    Karla Reynolds, Supervising Manager

    Julie Opdahl, Manager
    Wahltek Transcription Services

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  • Your overall Test "Start Time" is noted when you begin.
    You have 4 hours to complete these tests.

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